StuckOnU JPM Jan 2017

MetaGenScope, v0.9

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Sample Similarity

This plot displays a dimensionality reduction of the data.

Samples are drawn near to similar samples in high dimensional space using a machine learning algorithm: T-Stochastic Neighbours Embedding.

The plot can be colored by different sample metadata and the position of the points can be adjust to reflect the analyses of different tools.

Taxon Abundance

This plot shows the relative abundance of each different microbes found in each sample

Hover over the plot to highlight connections. Thicker connections represent larger proportions of taxa in a given sample.


This chart shows the abundance and coverage of different metabolic pathways in each sample

Darker colors represent higher abundance, circle radius is proportional to pathway coverage

Average Genome Size

This chart shows the average genome size of samples by condition.

Generally a larger average genome size indicates a community with broader function, as opposed to specific niches.

Reads Classified

This chart shows the proportion of reads in each sample assigned to different groups

Food and Pets

This chart shows relative proportions of DNA which can be assigned to common foods and pets

Each value is given as a proportion of the projects average so this should be interpreted as 'twice as much pet DNA as average'

Human Body Sites

This chart shows the average similarity between bacterial communities in the samples and human body sites from the Human Microbiome Project

What Stands Out?

This chart shows features that are both high abundance and consistently changed between conditions.

Every sample with a matching condition will be grouped and compared to a group of every sample which does not have the selected condition. Size represents the average abundance of a feature